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the greatest stress Is laid in walking. As to muscles, the glutaeus
maximus is more developed in Man—the Ape which most nearly
approaches him being the Gorilla, in which animal the life is
less thoroughly arboreal than in some others. The so-called
"scansorius" is only present in Man as an occasional occurrence.


FIQ. 283.—Skeleton of the left pea of a Chimpanzee. (Dorsal aspect.) as, Astragalus ;
cb, cuboid ; cl, calcaneum ; ec, ectocuneiform ; en, endocnneiform ; ms, meaocunei-
form; wu, navicular ; J-F, digits. (From Wiedersheim's Structure of Man,)
The rudimentary character of the ear muscles for the movement of
the external ear in Man has often been insisted upon, as also
their occasional functional activity. But here and elsewhere, so
numerous are the abnormalities, that "the gap which usimlly
separates the muscular system of Man from that of the Anthro-
poids appears to be completely bridged over." These are words
of Professor Wiedersheim. quoted from Testut, and express a final
summary of the matter of muscles in Man and the Apes,